How Life Coaching can change your life?

How Life Coaching can change your life?

Have you ever heard of any athlete win an Olympic gold without the guidance and help of a coach? Would Mary Kom say, “Eh! Let me just practice boxing at home every day, and then I will win all the boxing matches I will ever participate in.” Or would Usain Bolt practice without his coach and say to himself, “Hey! I am the fastest in the world anyway. What do I need a coach for?”

The fact is, that most of us are talented in many different areas. And we have tons of potential. Potential to perform way beyond what we are performing right now. And we have all the answers within us. Have you ever picked up a self-help book and thought, “Hey! I already know this. This is nothing new.” Or maybe you are attending a Training session on Time Management, and you find yourself thinking, “Sure, I know – theoretically  – that these are the actions that will help me become better at Time Management. These are known facts.” And yet, you have not been practicing those “known facts.”

The fact is, many of us live life on “Auto-Pilot” – just cruising along at a comfortable pace, with the coordinates and directions pre-set by your well-wishers in life. We let our parents, our employers, society – decide what is best for us. And make no mistake – they mean well. They really do want the best for you, and they may even genuinely believe that they are helping you. But ultimately, parents, employers, and society do have hidden agendas.

I wish I had a penny for every time someone has said, “I wanted to do (fill in the blank here) – but my parents prevented me from doing it because they felt it was (too risky / too unconventional… fill in the blank with what it was for you). And given enough time, we let go of those ambitions and settle for mediocrity. We let the potential greatness simply lie latent within ourselves. We become comfortable with compromising our spark for the familiar comfort of mediocrity. Nobody disapproves of that.

And so many of us go through the motions of life, content to simply be. There are some names that all of us are familiar with – Mahatma Gandhi, Abe Lincoln, … Why do you think – that of all the freedom fighters, Gandhi’s name stands out? There have been so many presidents in the US, why is Abe Lincoln the most famous? There are some greats like Gandhi and Lincoln, who were able to maintain and enhance the spark within themselves all on their own. For the others – for the vast majority of humanity; we need a helping hand to step out of our mediocrity and embrace our greatness. And this is where a Life Coach comes in.

As your Life Coach, I will be your catalyst to greatness. I will help you discover all the potential that has been lying dormant within yourself – waiting to be unleashed. I will help you to become your best self. That is the power of a catalyst. That is the power of a Life Coach.