Why was Bani Judged?

Why was Bani Judged?

In the entire Bigg Boss Season 10, Gurbani Judge (Bani) has been the one contestant who has been most isolated and misunderstood. She has been accused of playing the victim card, of being selfish, and of expressing herself like a ‘roadside‘ person. She has been judged most harshly by her housemates. Here, I am talking about my favorite contestant in the Bigg Boss house. As far as I am concerned, no one in the house comes close to her in terms of character and class. And yet, how is it possible that the people who spend the most time with her are so far off the mark and can misunderstand her so much?bani-judge

Which brings me to the point in question – how is it that people’s idea of basic “goodness” or the best way to lead their lives can differ so widely from each other, that they can treat each other as mortal enemies based on their value systems? Being judged by the people around us; is one of the fears that makes us toe the line. There was a reason why we instill in our children the fear of not following social norms. That is because it is essential for the smooth functioning of society.

But what we forget to do is to evolve with the changing times. What was of value a hundred years ago and served a purpose then may have become redundant now. We get so caught up in sanctifying and simply accepting the value systems handed down to us by our ancestors; that we forget to pause, think, and analyze their relevance and veracity in our lives today.

bani-j-and-swami-omAnd this is where the problem lies. Sometimes we so righteously cling to our version of the truth, that we are unable to see another individual’s viewpoint, which may be based on a different way of thinking. And that is when we end up judging people on the length of their seam, or their ‘Indianness‘ like Swami Om in the Bigg Boss house.

One big takeaway from Bigg Boss Season 10, for me, is the understanding that just because you stand alone, and just because everybody misunderstands you, it does not mean that you start doubting yourself and your beliefs. If the majority were always right, then we would still believe that the Earth is flat and that the stars revolve around the Earth. If you are the one voice of dissent – if you are the one person who has given due thought to an issue and taken a stand on what you believe is right, then don’t let others’ voices drown out your conviction.

This is one very strong reason why I turned vegan. Vegans are few and far between. And there are tons of people who vegan-foodridicule vegans. We’re easy targets because we’re the “oddballs” who don’t follow the social norm. It takes a lot of conviction to hold on to your viewpoint when most of the world does not agree with you. But one of the things that keeps me going is the intuitive conviction in the truth of my stance. I’ve turned vegan from a moral perspective wherein I do not wish to support any industry that exploits animals and violates their rights.

Do not let the “majority” become your moral compass. Whether or not you get validated, base your values and behavior on what you believe is correct, not what is practiced by everybody. When you know that you are morally right; don’t let them pull you down, just hold on!